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Trade Show Presenter & Host ~ Valerie Ojeda

Successfully driving traffic to high profile displays for over a decade!  


PRESENTER REEL                                                                                       EMCEE REEL



Valerie Ojeda has been working as an On-Camera Host, Trade Show Presenter, Narrator, Emcee and Product Specialist for over a decade. She has a deep love for working with clients to achieve above and beyond their goals for each given show. She does this type of work because she truly loves working with people.

With an extensive background in acting, on-camera hosting and singing, Valerie is a consummate performer. Her expertise and proficiency with Ear-Prompter, Teleprompter and PowerPoint presentations are incomparable. She has a special way of captivating her audience with her genuine smile and humor, while still having the ability to speak on any subject with poise, confidence, conviction and authority. 

Valerie‚Äôs impressive and endless resume also includes years of experience in sales, marketing and promotions, as well as producing for several Warnerbros talk shows. 

Valerie excels in high traffic environments as both a leader and team member. She can easily master client's branding information and speak upon it as though she's worked for the company for years. She is always prepared, flexible, and consistently showcases her good old fashioned, hardworking, Midwest work ethic. 

Always with a smile... :-)

Salt Security Emcee Presenter

Samples of FULL Presentations

WOC  ~  Non-Scripted/Emcee

CON EXPO  ~  Scripted/Timed to Video

Live Product Demo of The Pink Stuff at the 2022 Ace Hardware Show in Las Vegas

Trade Show Presenter Corporate Presenter Narrator Emcee, Host

Emcee, Narrator, Speaker, Spokeserson, Spokesmodel, Entertainer, MC, Corporate Presenter, Showcaster, Product Specialist